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Welcome to Dr. Edwin Perez's Homepage!

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Dr. Edwin Perez, MD

Dr. Edwin Perez is an anesthesiologist with years of experience based in New Jersey and serving the New York and New Jersey area. While his life’s work might be in pain management and anesthesiology, Edwin is more than just a doctor. He is a sports fan, an outdoorsman, and a life coach as well. He is a multi-faceted man who uses his experiences and knowledge to enjoy and excel at everything he sets his mind to and he isn’t afraid to share his life and what he’s been through with anyone. With an easy smile and a gentle demeanor, Edwin is able to make friends wherever he goes and is an unforgettable presence.

Born in 1976, Dr. Edwin Perez didn’t always dream of entering any sort of medical profession. He comes from a proud Puerto Rican family and was steeped in the culture from a young age. It was his ties and early experiences that led to his earliest “job”, being a child minister and spreading the word of God in Spanish to those who were looking for Him. While his career as a child minister didn’t last all that long, it helped instill him with a desire to interact with people and help ease them of their worries and pain.

While many might think that getting his MD in 2002 would mean the end of a doctor’s social life, Dr. Edwin Perez has proved that this isn’t the case. Along with his career in medicine, Edwin has a number of other hobbies that take up his time. He is an avid outdoorsman, first learning to love nature during his two and a half years living in Seattle. Even to this day, Edwin makes a strong effort to stay connected to his natural environment. It allows him to clear his head, take stock of what’s important in both his life and career, and make sure that he’s able to serve his patients in the best and most professional manner possible.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a relatively new type of peer to peer coaching. Think of a therapist but without the degree. In addition to anesthesiology, Dr. Perez looks to help others via life coaching. Visit Dr. Perez’s blog on life coaching for more information.


Dr. Edwin Perez, MD is passionate about his profession. He routinely seeks out opportunities to learn more for both himself and his patients. Visit his anesthesiology blog for more information.

Sports and Outdoors

When his busy work schedule permits, you can find Dr. Edwin Perez indulging in two other passions – sports and the outdoors. Since his days as a student living in Seattle, Dr. Perez has been an avid sports fan and outdoorsman. Visit his blog for more information.